Specimen being viewed under a microscope in a pet laboratory.

In-House Laboratory

The Benefit of an In-House Laboratory 

As part of our pet diagnostic tools, we are proud to house a vast array of advanced laboratory equipment that allows us to perform tests with results available the same day and in many instances while you wait. In the event of an emergency or your pet is sick, the ability to have this useful information at our fingertips means we can help your pet faster. 

Some of the tests we offer through our in-house pet laboratory include: 

  • Complete blood count (CBC) 
  • Culture & Sensitivity 
  • Ear Cytology 
  • Pre-surgical bloodwork or other organ specific chemistries 
  • Urinalysis 

While we offer an extensive range of on-site testing, it is possible that your pet may need laboratory work that is better done by an outside laboratory. This is sometimes due to more specialized tests being needed for a sick pet, but we also use outside labs to provide us with the options of larger, more robust wellness screens for healthy pets. 

Specialized diagnostic testing through outside laboratories include: 

  • Allergy Screening 
  • Culture & Sensitivity 
  • Cytology and Histopathology 
  • Stone Analysis 
  • Therapeutic Drug Levels 
  • Titers (measure of disease infection or protection) 
  • Robust wellness screens 

The utilization of laboratories, both our in-house and the external ones that we choose to use, play a key role in helping to rule out or confirm the diagnosis of disease in your pet. This is known as “point-of-care” testing and rivals that of human medicine with respect to speed and accuracy. If you have questions about what tests are available through our in-house lab or the ones we work with, please contact us. 

Pet Laboratory Services in Brunswick, ME

For more information on our in-house lab services or to schedule your pet for testing, call us at 207-729-4164.