Dog wearing goggles for pet laser therapy.

Laser Therapy

What is Pet Laser Therapy? 

Laser Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free, non-invasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation while accelerating the speed of healing. Used in human medicine for many years, cold laser therapy, also known as Class IV deep tissue laser therapy, is becoming increasingly popular in the use of animals such as cats and dogs and has been scientifically proven beneficial for multiple acute and chronic conditions. 

How does it help my pet? 

Using a Class IV deep tissue laser, a beam of light is delivered to the cells and induces a biological response called “photo-bio-stimulation” which promotes healing. Simply speaking, our probe delivers a constant therapeutic application of laser light at a low intensity as we slowly move it over the affected area. This causes the cells to react in a variety of beneficial ways thus stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal. 

Does Laser Therapy hurt my pet? 

Laser Therapy is a safe and effective modality that can provide your pet with pain relief and increase the speed of healing. They will feel a warm sensation in the area that is being treated. To keep the sensation from being too warm, the area is wet down with water or sterile saline. Strict safety guidelines must be used when treating with a laser, and therefore, goggles for humans and “doggles” for pets must be worn. We find that most pets become completely accustomed to the “doggles” after just a couple of sessions. And they are so cute wearing them! 

What are the benefits of Laser Therapy for cats and dogs? 

There are many benefits to this type of non-invasive therapy including its ability to reduce pain and inflammation and increase healing speed. In some cases, pets are able to reduce the need for long term non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. Post-surgical recuperation time can be lessened, allowing your pet to resume normal activity sooner. In some cases, wounds heal faster, reducing the time and expense of bandages. 

Which conditions may be treated with pet Laser Therapy? 

  • Arthritis and degenerative joint disease 
  • Post-surgical incisions and soft-tissue trauma 
  • Hip dysplasia  
  • Musculoskeletal injuries 
  • Neuromuscular disease 
  • Lacerations/Wounds 
  • Rhinitis/Sinusitis 
  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis, hotspots or lick granulomas 
  • Ear conditions such as chronic otitis and aural hematomas 

Are there conditions Laser Therapy cannot be used for? 

While laser therapy is beneficial in treating many conditions, it is not a method used with cancerous masses or actively bleeding lesions. 

What else should I know about pet Laser Therapy? 

  • Laser therapy must be prescribed by your veterinarian.  
  • Treatment varies depending on your pet’s type, size and color of their coat, as well as the condition being treated.  
  • Duration and number of visits for treatment will be determined by multiple factors, including type of condition being treated and response to therapy.  
  • Your pet’s laser therapy session will be scheduled with one of our technicians. They complete training to become certified by the laser company which ensures that proper technique and safety is maintained during each session. 

Pet Laser Therapy in Brunswick, ME

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