Welcome to PETLY – Your pet’s personal health page

PETLY is a user friendly way to let you access some of your pet’s health resources when you need them.

With PETLY you can also find informative articles about the latest in pet health from the Pet Health Network. From medical articles to behavior tips, from breed information to breaking news about tick borne diseases and food recalls, the Pet Health Network works to keep you up to date on the most current happenings in veterinary medicine.

If your pet is one of our patients, and you do not have a PETLY page for your pets, please click here to provide us with the email you would like to have attached to your PETLY account.

If your pet is a patient of BBVA and already has an active PETLY account, please click the icon to the right.

With PETLY, you can;

  • Access vaccine due dates
  • View shared laboratory results or medical notes
  • Request an appointment
  • Order a prescription to pick up at our office.
  • Link to our online pharmacy to have your pet’s medication delivered directly to your home.