Freshly groomed Yorkshire Terrier Dog with red bow.


Pet Bathing Services in Brunswick, ME

Dog getting hair trimmed during grooming services.

Just because you do not have a long-haired pet does not mean they are not in need of some special attention when it comes to keeping clean. If your pet is getting a little stinky – we can help! We offer baths for those pets that are not in the market for a full grooming, but just in need of a good ole’ bath and thorough brush out. We will also clean your pet’s ears with a gentle ear wash and clip their nails.

We prefer that you bring your pet in between 7:00AM & 9:00AM so that you can go over your wishes with our bathers. Then we can get them ready to go home by early afternoon.

Bath Prices: Canine

Up to 30lbs – $30.00
31-60lbs – $35.00
61-89lbs – $38.00
Over 90lbs – $46.00

Bath Prices: Feline

Domestic Short Hair – $38.00
Domestic Long Hair – $50.00
Feline baths can include fur clipping and/or brush outs

Vaccine Requirements:

To help ensure your pet is as protected as possible, we require all cats and dogs to be current on vaccines: Including Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and a recent negative result for heartworm disease for canines and Rabies and Distemper for felines. As with all vaccines, manufacturers cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness.

Schedule Pet Bathing Services in Brunswick, ME

For more information on cat and dog bathing services or to schedule your pet for an appointment, call us at 207-729-4164.